Sunday, July 6, 2008

Eddyville Has Selected a New Preacher

In a family meeting Sunday night, July 6, Randell O’Bryan announced that Jeff Finch would be the next preacher at Eddyville, starting Sunday, August 24. Randell thanked the congregation for their involvement and comments. Our last Sunday at Eddyville will be Sunday, August 10. We want to spend this month finishing our work and preparing for the next preacher.

Recently, I read Roy Oswald’s book, Running through the Thistles. He observed that the way a preacher leaves a congregation will be the way he dies. He suggested that if you do not like the way you leave groups, you might want to consider and change.

In another place, I read that there are five steps in dying:
1. “Forgive me.”
2. “I forgive you.”
3. “Thank you.”
4. “I love you.”
5. “Good-bye.”

We are inviting families into our home to evaluate our work together and to say “good-bye.”

I have been given the opportunity to work with another congregation after we finish here. We will announce that congregation in a few weeks.

For the next two to four months, I will have some Sundays available to preach if I am needed at other congregations.

The elders and congregation at Eddyville have been supportive and encouraging for the past year and three months. I could not think of a better place to start interim work. We have enjoyed living in the community. I have been strengthened by the association with preachers in this area of West Kentucky.