Monday, August 4, 2008

Next Interim

We made joint announcements yesterday that I will be working with the church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, as an interim. Keith Parker has done a great work there for the last sixteen years. The congregation has doubled during his ministry. Keith will preach there through the rest of 2008. Starting in 2009, he will be doing something he has dreamed about and planned for several years – spending more time in evangelistic meetings and campaigns. He plans to hold twenty to twenty-five meetings a year. Some of these will involve members of the Hendersonville congregation in personal work before the meeting and follow-up after the meeting.

I will begin working part time the first of October. The first of January, I will begin full time including preaching as well as other ministerial duties.

Next Sunday is our last day at Eddyville. Our funeral is going well. We have had families into our home to talk about our time together and discuss how they can encourage their next preacher, Jeff Finch.

I will not be preaching at Hendersonville during the fall. I have several weekends available to do short meetings or workshops. I will also be available on Wednesday nights.