Thursday, October 2, 2014

If You Need a Minister

     When you need to find a new preacher, how do you do it? “We’ve just always invited some men in, let them preach, listen to comments from the congregation — either written or by word — then hire the man we think is the best.” That is the answer I often hear.
     Could that be improved?
     Last week, I reread If You Need a Minister: practical advice for hiring your next minister, by Will Perkins. At Maury City, we are ready to begin the preacher search. There is a training session scheduled for Sunday afternoon for the men who will be leading the selection. I obtained a copy for each man on the team.
     Will, in a concise way, outlines and suggests an approach that involves beginning with thinking and planning rather than just doing what we have always done. I think he has some practical suggestions that would be good to consider by any congregation looking for any minister position.
     Before You Begin
     Who Are You?
     What Are You Looking For?
     The Search Process
     A Final Word
     Sample Job Posting
     Sample Interview Questions
     Sample Work Agreement
     You can buy this book by clicking this link: If You Need a Minister .
     What suggestions do you have for the selection process?