Monday, November 30, 2009

Churches Are "Trying Out" Also

Something that could be considered during the process of moving to another church is that not only are the preachers trying out – the congregation is watching, listening, observing them – but the congregation is also trying out. My family and I tried to be aware of every noticeable thing in our visits:
  • The condition of the building.

  • The singing.

  • The friendliness of the congregation or lack of it.

  • The interest or lack of interest on the part of the congregation.

  • Questions that were asked – and not asked.

  • Was there an attitude of excellence or the idea of "just doing enough to get by".

  • The amount of enthusiasm from the elders, search committee, and congregation concerning the work of the church.

  • Were we treated special or just a necessary burden in the process of getting another preacher.

  • How did the congregation respond both during worship and afterward? Did they feel free to laugh when appropriate? Were comments specific or just "enjoyed your sermons"?

  • Was the approach of the elders and/or search committee one of openness and quest for truth, one of disinterest, or one of pressure to come to that congregation?

  • Now the first impression is often the web page. Is the information complete and accurate? Is it easy to get acquainted with the church? Are there pages "under construction" and in Latin? What attitude is communicated by this digital "greeter"?