Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time of Evaluation: Regular, Often, Scheduled, and Unscheduled

Annual reviews can be very helpful. However, for a good relationship, that is not enough. There can be an understanding that we will always be honest and open with each other. That is ideal. But I believe it is good to schedule periodic times to talk. When I supervised secretaries, between annual written evaluations, we scheduled quarterly evaluations. This was an appointment when we talked about any material or equipment that we needed, what was good, what needed improvement, and the number of sick and vacation days available for the rest of the year. Although we saw each other and talked daily, unless we scheduled time to talk about what needed correcting, improving, or repeating, we didn’t talk about it.

My agreement with a secretary was that there would be no surprises or negative comments during the evaluations. If they needed to do something differently—if I was unhappy with anything about their job performance, I would let them know within forty-eight hours of the event. I would not want a supervisor to save up mistakes that I have made for a year and deliver them to me at an annual review. I was committed to follow that principle.

...to be continued...