Monday, August 4, 2014

Daddy’s Bible, Daddy’s Life

     Five years ago today I sat with my Dad, John T. Barber, in the emergency room at Vanderbilt.  At 4:00 p.m., his defibulator went off.  When nurses came in they asked, "Mr. Barber, what do you want us to do for you."  He replied, "Everything you can."

     They did.  But his heart was worn out.  I reflect on Hebrews 11:4 about Able, who has been dead for thousands of years, and is still talking.  Daddy has been dead five years and he continues to talk.

     Above is one of several Bibles he wore out reading and studying.  He had a third or fourth grade education.  He didn't know how far he got in school.  But he contributed to the happiness and well-being of his family, friends, and many others that he touched.

     I keep that Bible where I am working and see it every day I come to the office.  I am reminded of the way he helped many people and did the best he could, with what he had, where he was.

     Despite pain from worn out knees and, the last few years, a damaged heart, he kept a positive and bright outlook.  His favorite response to the question, "How are you doing?" was,  "Way above average.  The average person my age is dead."

     From my perspective, he lived a life that was "way above average.”