Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Learning to Love my Friend(s) 10

Tonight was our last night for the class. Every person has been in every class. Two couples did a make-up class when health or schedule prohibited their participation in the regular class. That is part of the agreement of being in the class.

We will recognize each person at graduation Sunday night after services. I plan to have a picture on my web site: www.barberclippings.com .

The outline for tonight's class:

* * *

How Can I Be a Friend to Jesus?

A. As we come to the close of this series of classes, I hope we can say with confidence what Solomon wrote. Ecclesiastes 7:8
B. In this final session, let us
1. Reflect and review.
2. Apply.
3. Evaluate.
4. Finish.
C. Jesus is my Friend; how can I be a friend to Him?

I. BY OBEYING HIM. John 15:14; James 2:21-23


A. He understands me.
1. How can I understand Him?
2. How can I understand others?
3. How can I understand myself?
a. When tired?
b. When lonely?
c. When tempted?
d. When happy?
e. When sad?
B. He loves me all the time, even when I have problems.
1. How can I love Jesus all the time?
2. How can I love others all the time, even when they treat me and others wrong?
3. How can I love myself all the time, even when I make mistakes?
C. He tells me the truth.
1. How can I tell Jesus the truth and when should I tell Him the truth?
2. How can I improve my truthfulness with others?
3. How can I improve my truthfulness with myself?
D. He is willing to help and serve me.
1. How can I help and serve Jesus?
2. How can I help and serve others?
3. How can I ask and receive the help and service I need from others?
E. He brings out the best in me and challenges me to grow.
1. How can I respond to Jesus and follow Him in growing?
2. How can I help others to grow spiritually?
3. How can I encourage myself to grow? 1 Samuel 30:6

A. What was helpful in this class?
B. How can this class be improved?
C. What needs to be discussed that we haven’t discussed?
D. How do you want to say, “Good-bye”?

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Good stuff, my friend.