Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Do You Think About During the Lord's Supper?

Several years ago, someone told me about a sermon he heard James Watkins preach about what to think about during the Lord’s Supper. I have used this many times since I heard it and have found it helpful.

The following is a poem my daughter, Christi Parsons, wrote after hearing the sermon:

In Remembrance of Me

When reflecting on the Lord’s Supper
There are some things to keep in mind.
So your mind doesn’t wander
These thoughts will keep you in line.

There are seven things to remember
About Jesus and the cross.
Thank you God for sending Jesus
So our souls won’t be lost.

Well there was one Lord – one Lord
His name is Jesus Christ.
Two thieves – two thieves
One went to Paradise (with Jesus).

Three crosses – three crosses
But only one saved our souls.
Four soldiers – four soldiers
Gambling for Jesus’ clothes.

Well there were five wounds – five wounds
His hands, His feet, and His side.
Six hours – six hours
Our Lord was crucified.

While hanging on the cross
There were words that Jesus breathed.
When you open your Bible to the gospels
These seven sayings you can read.

Well there was one Lord, two thieves,
Three crosses, and four men,
Five wounds, six hours,
Seven sayings, and amen.

– Christi Parsons

For the sermon outline: > In Remembrance of Me

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