Wednesday, July 13, 2011

50 Years

Shipps Bend GailI had a good two-day celebration of fifty years of preaching.  On the actual date, Saturday, June 18, John Parker and I spoke at an Interim Ministry Workshop at Freed-Hardeman.  We had a good group and appreciate the opportunity to share that information.

The next day, Sunday, June 19, I spoke at the second service at Shipp’s Bend church of Christ in Centerville, Tennessee, where I preached my first sermon fifty years ago.  My family:  Gail, Mother, children, and grandchildren were present.  In addition to the Shipp’s Bend members, several friends were also present.
Shipps Bend Ward and Idell
I was glad to have Ward and Idell Mayberry there.  They were our next-door neighbors when I was sixteen years old.  Ward was our preacher at Shipp’s Bend.  He took me hunting and fishing often.  On one of those hunting trips, he said, “When I am gone to National Guard camp this summer, would you be willing to preach one Sunday night?”.  I said I would.  A couple of months later he asked how I was coming on my sermon.  I had not started.  He said, “Come over and I’ll help you.”  He helped me with my sermon.  Idell typed the outline.  I preached that Sunday night and have not missed many Sundays since that time.  I appreciate them, and the thousands of people who have helped me since that time.

Collegeside gave me a fifty-year plaque my last day there.

I appreciate everyone’s encouragement.

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Tom McLemore said...

Congratulations, brother Jerrie: I greatly admire you and your work. God bless you for all the difference you have made and all the good you have done and continue to do for the cause of Christ! Tom McLemore