Friday, June 1, 2012

Discussion Guidelines # 10

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19. Will we attend all sessions?  If we must be absent, will we tell the group why?

It is a matter of courtesy to be responsible to a group (class, elder’s meeting, committee meeting).  It takes group energy away from group process when a member is late or absent without explanation.  “I wonder if they are sick, had an accident, forgot, or don’t care about our work?”  This can be eliminated by a call or e-mail:  “I will be fifteen minutes late,” or “I am sick and will be unable to be at tonight’s meeting.”

20. Will we agree to not talk about group business during breaks?
This guideline is especially helpful in groups that are learning experiences in how groups work.  If we talk about group business during breaks, we deprive the rest of the group from our thoughts and ourselves of the wisdom of the rest of the group.  If the meeting is dealing with conflict, it is easier to choose sides and plot destruction by subdividing and talking about others during breaks of ten minutes or two days. be continued...

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