Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Leadership Prayers: How Does a Leader Pray When He Feels Inadequate and Doesn’t Know What He is Doing?

1. How did Solomon feel about his leadership ability compared to God and his father, David? 1 Kings 3:5-7
2. How do you identify with Solomon as you compare yourself with God and with good Christian leaders you have known?
3. How did Solomon view the task he had been given? 1 Kings 3:8
4. How do you feel about your leadership opportunities and responsibilities?
5. What was Solomon’s request of God? 1 Kings 3:9
6. What would you like God to give you as you consider your ability and your responsibility?
7. How did God answer Solomon’s prayer? 1 Kings 3:10-15
8. How has God promised to answer our prayers? Ephesians 3:20,21
9. Pray for wisdom and strength from a powerful God for wisdom as you try to carry out His will in your life.
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