Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Leadership Prayers: David – Awareness of God’s Presence; Invitation for God’s Inspection and Correction; Psalm 139

1. What does God know about my thoughts, words, and actions? Psalm 139:1-6
2. Where is God? Where can I go to get away from Him? Psalm 139:7-12
3. Who made me? How well did He do? How long has He known me? Psalm 139:13-16
4. What thoughts does David have about God’s thoughts? Psalm 139:17,18
5. How does David feel about the wicked? Psalm 139:19-22
6. What request does David make of God to correct and lead him? Psalm 139:23,24
7. How might God answer that prayer for David and for us? How would He reveal the wicked way He finds and lead us in the way everlasting?
8. Praise God for His great knowledge. Ask God to inspect you, find what needs to be corrected, and lead you in the right way.
To view the complete lesson outline, Session 4 .

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