Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Leadership Prayers: Jeremiah – Discouragement, Persistence, Depression; Jeremiah 20:7-18

1. Why was Jeremiah discouraged and what did he want to do? Jeremiah 20:7-10
2. How did Jeremiah praise the Lord and what did he ask from the Lord? Jeremiah 20:11-13
3. What thoughts and feelings followed Jeremiah’s praise? Jeremiah 20:14-18
4. How could a godly leader have this range of thoughts and feelings in so short a time?
5. What prophecies was Jeremiah privileged to deliver
a. About the coming of Jesus? Jeremiah 23:1-8
b. About the return from captivity? Jeremiah 29:10-12; Jeremiah 32:36-44; Daniel 9:1, 2
c. About the new covenant? Jeremiah 31:31-34
6. Ask God to bless you in your leadership position – whether you are afraid and ready to quit, encouraged and ready to tell others how great and powerful God is, or depressed and wished you have never been born.

For a full class outline (6 pages) Session 5

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Matthew said...

I noticed that you are reading "Congregational Leadership..." This is a great book, as well as his other works about congregational systems. More ministers would benefit from having a better understanding of systems theory.